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The Youth Center was created by Bonnie Bennett in February 2016. Because Wonderland is mean, Bonnie disappeared a year after that. Ever since, Elena and Billy have been helping keep it afloat in her honor (with the contributions of others, of course!), so that the younger folks can have a safe space and have fun. We decided to do a little revamp in hopes of kickstarting this place back up so that everyone can have new CR opportunities.


Despite the fact Elena and Billy have been looking after the center, they are no longer teens; they mostly oversee it and make sure everything runs smoothly. The center is divided into various areas, and if your character is interested in either maintaining or helping out in one of those areas, they are free to do so! Please also feel free to express interest regardless of how many volunteer! Responsibilities can be shared, and this space is for everyone.*

Well, sort of everyone. This is specifically for the younger crowd in Wonderland.

* Please keep in mind these visuals are close approximations, and meant mostly for inspiration.

main bullet points.

➥ The Youth Center can be found on the fourth floor, room 116.
➥ Even if it is not announced or it isn't threaded at the time, you can assume something is always going down at the youth center. People involved will create party posts for the youth center every now and then. It's meant to be active and fun and for all.
➥ You do not need anyone's permission to host something at the center! If your character wants to host an event, a birthday party, or just your run-of-the-mill party, they are 100% encouraged to do so. That said, if you need help or want us to post it in your stead, I can also do that.
➥ Billy and Elena have 'office' spaces in the library. They may not be therapists, but they are good listeners, and Billy in particular is interested in psychology. If your character has a problem, or is in need of advice, you can assume your character knows they are free to come to them with anything. They will either try to help themselves, or point you in the right direction. They're a good middleman between younguns and other adults.
➥ Have a question, idea, or recommendation? We have a suggestion box that's there for always.

areas of special note.


Looked after by: Elena Gilbert

Per Dipper's wonderful suggestion, the center has a curated library. Everyone can bring their favorite books and movies to share with their friends, but also for the sake general knowledge: people come from different worlds, so they'll never have the exact same reading material. If you're new to this rabbit hole and you have a question, Elena is there to answer it. If you have information on Wonderland, Elena would love to see it. Likewise, she will direct you to Angel Investigations, where Dipper and Mabel Pines consolidate any and all information about Wonderland in one place.

Feel free to read, write, research, and anything else you can think of that suits the library. Elena will not only encourage it, she'll likely help wherever she can. There's really only one golden rule: if you plan on taking a book with you, leave one in its place!

There may be plans to create a digital magazine for the younger crowd, but that idea is still a work in progress. If you're interested or have ideas of your own, don't hesitate to share them.


Looked after by: Wendy Corduroy (bowling alley)

This is where a lot of the action happens! It's a game room paradise. If there's something you're in the mood to play, chances are you'll find it here. From video games to foosball to air hockey to arcades, there's a veritable amount of diversions to choose from. A concession stand is close by, with the standard food for such occasions: nachos, popcorn, hot dogs, pizza and the like. At the right side of the hockey table, there are sliding doors that lead you to a bowling alley with two lanes. ... Well, it's mostly a bowling alley. Either Wonderland is being finicky, or it's taking ideas from whoever is close by. This room has been known to change into a roller derby, a disco ball room, and an ice skating rink.

The sky's the limit!

And as you can see, there are several different areas within this section, each of them in need of maintenance.


Looked after by: Kanji Tatsumi and Maya Hart
Helpers: Riley Matthews

Here's where the creativity ends and begins. Whether you're painting, knitting, or trying your hand at adult-ish coloring books -- there's a station for you. It's also encouraged to teach if there's something you master pretty well, so that others can learn along with you. Host a pottery class, teach a drawing course, anything you can think of will probably be a go.


Looked after by: Jason Scott, and ?

The lounge is admittedly for teens that skew older, but only for the most part. It's where they can hang out if people are looking at them funny in the bars or the closets are being mean and not handing them alcohol stuff they're looking for. Here you'll find a pool table, couches, bean bags, board games, blanket forts, MUSIC, and onward. There are private nooks spread throughout if you're looking for some alone time, or ... other. IDK Elena's not your mom, though she may act like it at times. If you spend enough time here, chances are that you do know where the liquor stash is hidden.

This area needs less looking after than others, but the option is there if anyone wants to stock and re-stock boardgames, music, DVDs, and the like for variety purposes.


Looked after by: Billy Kaplan

The movie theater is conveniently located right next to the youth center, and can be found in rooms 112 and 114 respectively. Boasting a large movie screen with impressive surround system, you'll find open areas throughout with scattered pillows and couches. The spaces range from one person seating to three, and it's an incredible space so be sure to make good use of it! For more information, you can head over to Billy's journal. There you'll find descriptions of the rooms and the wet bar, along with the decorations that have been made.

Go, go, go!


Looked after by: Kimberly Hart (ice cream/soda bar)

Look, there wasn't room for everything in the picture sections, but these were all incredible ideas that were suggested in the original post. I didn't want to lose them! So you will also find in the youth center: an ice cream slash soda bar, a conversation pit, A TRAMPOLINE ROOM, and a wall-sized scrabble game. Next to that wall you will find an assortment of other games, be it board games or table top. Go wild!

The only one that really needs looking after here is the bar, but hey, if your character loves ice cream...